As the seasons change through the year, homeowners will often find themselves struggling to find storage at home to store away seasonal items such as Christmas decorations, patio furniture, and seasonal clothing. The lack of space in their homes can make it difficult to keep these items organised, safe, and out of the way to prevent clutter when they are not in use.

However, with Perth storage units, homeowners can have a convenient, cost-effective and secure solution to store these seasonal items. As for some specific ways they can do so, and which items this might apply to, here are ten suggestions as to how homeowners can use commercial storage units for seasonal items.

Summer Sports And Fitness Equipment

Sports and fitness equipment can be bulky and difficult to store, especially for families with several athletes and fitness fans. A commercial storage unit can provide an ideal space to store sports and fitness equipment only used in the summer months when it is not in use, freeing up space in the garage or cupboards.

Christmas Decorations

Beyond the festive season, decorations can take up valuable space in a home, making it difficult to keep the house organised and to find space for other items. Renting a commercial storage unit provides a convenient and secure location to store decorations until next Christmas, freeing up space in the home.

Patio Furniture

During the colder months, patio furniture can take up valuable space in a home’s garage or shed, leaving less room for vehicles or other items. Renting a storage space can provide a secure and convenient solution for storing patio furniture when it is not in use, and protecting it from harsh weather conditions.

Camping Gear

Camping gear can take up a lot of space, and it can be challenging to keep it safe from damage. By using a storage facility, camping gear can be stored between trips, protecting it from damage and freeing up valuable space at home or in the garage.

Gardening Supplies

During the off-season, gardening supplies can take up valuable space in a home’s garage or shed, making it difficult to access other items. A commercial storage unit can provide a convenient solution for storing gardening supplies at times of the year when they are not needed.


Collectibles, such as sports memorabilia, are often more popular at specific times of the year. Beyond these they can take up valuable space in a home, leading to cluttered shelves and surfaces. Renting storage for them elsewhere keeps collectibles safe and secure and helps keep the collector’s home tidier.

Seasonal Vehicles

Seasonal vehicles, such as boats and jet skis, can be challenging to store during the off-season, especially if there is limited space at home. With commercial storage facilities that allow vehicle storage, you can keep these vehicles safe while moving home or until the next season, protecting them from weather damage and theft.

Seasonal Clothing

Individuals can struggle to find enough storage space for all their clothing, leading to cluttered wardrobes and dressers. Storing seasonal clothes that will not be required for several months in a storage unit can clear the clutter from homes and allow easier access to the current season’s clothing.

Seasonal Tools

Tools that are only needed during certain seasons, such as lawnmowers can take up valuable space in a home’s garage or shed, making it difficult to find other tools. A commercial storage unit can provide the perfect place to store these tools during the seasons they are not in use.

Home Business Inventory

Those who operate a business from home, and who need to store their inventory, especially if the products they sell are seasonal, can make good use of storage facilities. There they can keep their inventory safe and organised, making it easier to manage their business and freeing up space at home.