There will be many people who instigate a landscaping design project for their home, for the pure and simple reason that they love gardening. For others, the motivation will be that they want a beautiful outdoor space on their property where they can relax or invite friends and family to.

Beyond these very personal benefits of having a newly landscaped garden, there is one benefit, where for some, it does not even register a thought, but for others, it will be the prime motivator, and that is an increase in the value of their property. There is no denying that a property with a beautifully landscaped garden designed & sculptured by landscapers versus an identical property with just a plain back yard, is always likely to be worth more.

Another consideration is that where there is a more urgent need to sell a property, perhaps because you have already agreed to purchase your next home, you have a far greater chance of finding a buyer quickly if you have a landscaped garden, than if, once again, all you can offer them is a dull, boring backyard.

Before everyone starts calculating how much more their property might be worth, it is important to understand that simply having a garden, landscaped or not, is not the key factor here, especially with respect to adding value to your property. Any landscaped garden, in order to increase the likely sellable value, needs to be created in a certain way. By that, we mean that some thought must go into your landscaping design.

In order to help you with that task, we are going to outline 3 simple, but highly effective, strategies with regards to the design of your landscaping that can help boost the increase in your property’s value even higher.

Tip #1: Ensure The Landscaping Design Compliments The House

One of the biggest mistakes many property owners make is that they create a landscaped garden that is perfect for them personally, but it does nothing to enhance the look, and more importantly, the value, of the property. What this means is that when someone is viewing their home, and they see that the landscaped garden looks out of place and does not match it, they are already factoring in the cost of ripping it up and replacing it, meaning the chance of a sale are diminished.

Tip #2: Create A Landscaped Garden That Requires Very Little Maintenance

One thing you cannot guarantee with regards to anyone who might be interested in buying your property is that they are a keen gardener. In fact, there will be many who absolutely hate gardening. For this reason, especially if you plan to create a new landscaped garden as an investment in your property, try to make it as low-maintenance as possible. We obviously cannot list every way this can be achieved, so speak to your local landscape design company who can advise you.

Tip #3: Create A Landscaped Garden That Offers Plenty Of Privacy

One thing about privacy with regards to how people feel about it is that there are two camps. Those who absolutely insist on it, and those who do not mind. For this reason, always err towards maximising the amount of privacy that your landscaped garden offers because if it does not, that group who wants privacy will not even consider buying your home. Again, there are lots of ways to achieve privacy that your local landscape design experts will have knowledge of.

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