It is almost certain that throughout most days you will see and use glass in one way or another and think nothing of it. Given that glass plays such a huge role in so many aspects of our lives it is easy to take it for granted. However, if you were to pause for a moment and consider just how many ways in which you rely on glass on a daily basis, you would realise that its influence exceeds that of most other materials.

It is also true to say that glass provides many benefits, and it does so in all manner of circumstances including domestic, commercial, industrial, and medical, to name but four. In this article we are going to consider glass in domestic settings, and specifically seven of the benefits of glass in and around the home. Primarily it is the benefits concerning design, construction, and aesthetics that West Perth Glass can provide that we will be highlighting.

Benefit #1 – Glass Increases The Amount Of Natural Light Coming Into Your Home

Possibly the most obvious benefit of having glass in and around your home is that it allows greater amounts of natural light to enter every room. The brightness created makes it easier to work, cook, entertain, and do all those other activities that take place at home, plus the additional light helps keep your home warmer in the winter months.

Benefit #2 – Glass Can Make Small Rooms Look And Feel Bigger

One of the facets of glass when used in construction, whether it be a commercial or domestic property being built, is that it creates the illusion of increased space, whereas most other building materials do not. A prime example of this benefit occurring is in the use of glass mirrors, either in the form of a simple wall mirror or even more so when you use full-length mirrored doors.

Benefit #3 – Glass Is Extremely Versatile

If you speak to architects or interior designers about the use of glass they will tell you that one of their favourite aspects of glass is its versatility. It can be made in various sizes, colours, thicknesses, and shapes and also has multiple uses such as doors, wall panels, ceilings, mirrors, decorative pieces, partitions, and even floors. As such it could be argued its uses are almost unlimited.

Benefit #4 – Glass Does Not Require Much Maintenance

Unlike some materials used around a home such as wood, glass requires very little maintenance. Other than having to wipe it clean occasionally to remove finger marks, for example, there is not much more that is required to look after glass. Its durability also means that it should not need to be replaced other than if some accidental damage were to occur.

Benefit #5 – Glass Improves The Aesthetics Of Your Home

For many homeowners, this is the benefit that attracts them, literally, to having glass in their home. It would be impossible for us to list all the ways glass adds to the beauty of your home as there are so many of them. Glass can also improve aesthetics in every room of your home and every area including hallways and stairs.

Benefit #6 – Glass Is Timeless

Whilst it is certainly true that glass can be used to increase the contemporary look of a home it is not just in modern homes that it can be used. Glass can augment older and more traditional homes too, and given that glass has been used for hundreds of years in homes, there is no shortage of ways it can benefit them.

Benefit #7 – Glass Can Add Value To Your Home

As well as being an extremely cost-effective material for use in homes, how glass is used can add further financial benefits. Prime amongst these is that glass can help to increase the value of your home and will most certainly make it easier to sell when prospective buyers see how it has enhanced the property.