Many people decide not to sell their homes in winter because their yards look depressing. Plants appear to be dying or in hibernation, and all the greenery is gone from your stunning feature trees. There’s no denying that winter weather can put a dampener on your mood and property’s attractiveness, but it doesn’t have to. Here are a few of the best winter landscaping ideas that can make your property shine in all seasons.

Keep Colour with Evergreens

Deciduous trees can transform a property in the warmer months of the year, but come winter; they are an eyesore. Deciduous trees lose all their leaves in winter and look but a mere skeleton of their former selves. You can avoid this problem by planting evergreens instead.

Evergreen trees, such as Silver Sheen and Leighton Green Conifer retain all their foliage throughout the seasons to keep your yard looking as vibrant as ever before.

Rely on Four-Season Perennials

Many gardeners dream of having their flowerbeds thriving and surviving in winter, but that’s not always the case. Many flowers and shrubs go into hibernation, and you’re left with a dull, brown and often-barren landscape that offers no appeal. When you are undertaking landscaping around your home, consider four-season perennials.

Star anise, aloe topaz, silver swan, and jelly bean plants are all examples of perennials that withstand wintry conditions and come out the other side looking lovely.

Use Hardscapes

It’s easy to get carried away with plant life while you’re landscaping. After all, when you plant things fresh from the garden store, they look full of life and perfect for your yard. However, once those colder temperature set in, many of those plants will not look the same. Whether or not they bounce back can depend on how terrible those wintry conditions were.

You can still have a beautifully landscaped yard, but it’s a good idea to focus on hardscaping as well as landscaping. Hardscaping includes items such as picnic tables, garden arches, bench seats, and even garden sculptures. They can complement your plants while enhancing the appeal of your yard in those less desirable weather conditions.

Welcome Colour

We quickly established that it’s challenging to invite colour into your yard during winter, but it’s not entirely impossible. When you begin landscaping, start looking at yard additions that can add colour. They don’t have to be plants, either. Purchase colourful pots and planters, or paint them yourself, and even think about bright things you can hang from your depressing-looking deciduous trees.

Your yard may not look at its best for three months of the year, but with your smart landscaping cap on, it can look better than most. Invest in vibrant pots and planters, plant evergreens, and don’t look past the humble four-season perennial either. Your garden will be the most lively on the street come winter.