With intense heat a standard part of an Australian summer, it won’t be long until you start looking at pool design options. After all, there’s only so long a blow-up paddling pool will tick all the boxes. As soon as you start looking at what a landscaper can do for you, you will realise there is much to consider. Here are a few things to consider in your pool design to make it work for you.

The Size

The size of your new swimming pool can depend on many things, including your legal requirements. Before you get too involved in your sketches, consult an expert landscaper and local council representative. There might be things you can and can’t do.

However, make sure the size suits your pool’s purpose. For example, if you want to swim laps, then make it the length of a lap pool. If you want it for sitting in, then let it conform to your yard’s shape.


The pool design itself is only one facet of the design process. What materials will you use? What will go around your pool? Will you have a lot of plant life? Will there be a diving board or a waterfall? Think about what will make you happy.

If you want your new swimming pool to be the picture of luxury and perfection, then talk to a landscaper. They have enough industry experience to know what works and what doesn’t.


If you are looking at different pool design options, then you have probably looked into the various requirements of owning a pool. Make sure your new pool design considers maintenance and how easy that will be.

If you can’t access every part of your pool from the outside, then you’ll have a hard time removing insects and debris. The same rule applies for cover use. You need to be able to install a cover without it being a monumental undertaking.


Each Australian state has strict rules and regulations around pool safety, so make sure you read up on those. Find out what your fencing obligations are, how high they have to be, and how you can have both a beautiful pool and one that’s safe. Fortunately, a pool design expert such as a landscaper knows much of what you need to do.

No summer weather is entirely enjoyable without a glistening pool of water in your back yard. If you haven’t yet gotten around to installation, then start drawing up what you’d love to have. You can then enlist the help of a landscaping expert to turn those pool design dreams into reality. You will be surprised at how quickly all the action happens from then on in.