Every business needs at least some type of marketing strategy to ensure people know they are there and to persuade them to choose their company when they need the kind of services it provides. Landscapers, such as www.divinelandscapes.com.au, are no different in this respect, but they have something a lot of other businesses don’t; their work – landscaping – is out in the public eye where it can be easily seen by all who pass by.

This is a great advantage. The landscape designs they erect will speak for them so all that is needed is some way to tell those passersby the name of the company who is doing the landscaping.  Here are some hints on how to market your business.

  • Choose a catchy but easy to remember name for your business.
  • When you are on the job there are many ways to ensure people know who you are. Have your company name on the van or work vehicles you use and park them in the street near your job.
  • Have the name embroidered or printed on your cap or the pocket of your work clothing.
  • Make sure you support a local club and be seen where they are, along with your work vehicle. Do voluntary work with them and you’ll meet a lot of people who will ask what you do.
  • Have business cards printed out and carry them with you at all times to give to people.
  • Place brochures advertising your services in public places.
  • Ask other businesses to stock your brochures. For instance, the hardware store you use in your business would have a vested interest in promoting your work as they will sell more hardware to you.
  • Ask other businesses to promote you in return for the same favour from you.
  • Contact businesses that are likely to be working for people who need fencing. These would be swimming pool installers,  landscapers, builders and painters.
  • Every time you see a new build going up, leave your brochure in the mail box or nearby where it will be seen.
  • Each time you get a job that is highly visible, ask if you can leave a sign on the finished fence for a week or a month, advertising your business. You could even offer a small discount in return.
  • Ask your clients if they are happy with your work to give your business cards to their friends.
  • Make sure you have a website and an advertisement in the local paper and phone book.
  • Erect a great fence around your own home and advertise your business with a sign in the garden or on the fence. This is free advertising.
  • Leave advertising brochures on any community noticeboards in the area.