Did you think that having to work from home meant calling in the furniture removalists or adding extra space, or clearing out a spare bedroom, in order to establish your home office? Well, think again. Designing an office space for your work at home is a much simpler task than you have imagined. There a few essentials that you much absolutely not compromise upon, in order to achieve your highest level of productivity. That apart, you do not have to sweat the small stuff.

As the ideas and designs explained further will go on to prove, you can create the perfect workspace at home with a few simple hacks.

Take advantage of being at home

One of the greatest things about having a home office is that you can decorate it as you please. Exploit this fact by populating your work desk with stationery that keeps you in the mood to work, and with décor that makes you enjoy spending time in your workspace. For instance, you could pick colours that appeal to you, or fill your walls with inspirational quotes to get you into the mood. Or better still, you could hang photographs on the wall to add a personal feel to the area. And flowers! You can have your favourite flowers around, and this is something that you cannot do at your regular workplace.

Invest in the right furniture

Furniture is the most important aspect of a home office. To deal with the essential things first, we recommend that you invest in a high quality chair. Since you are going to spend long hours in there, a handsome, well designed chair that is ergonomically right will be a must-have. Once that is done, you can look into the other pieces of furniture you will need, such as a table top for your computer or laptop, a set of shelves to keep your files and stationery, and of course, curtains and wall hangings if you please. Also, remember to place a clock in your home office, so that you can keep a track of time.

Designing the shelves

When you are working from home, you often get comfortable with the idea of having infinite space, and that the entire home is yours to use as your office. This can be a grave mistake as you might start to scatter your office related paraphernalia all around the house, thus risking losing them or damaging them. Instead invest in a number of shelves; as many as you require to comfortably fir your work-related potpourri. Now, more shelves does not necessarily mean taking up more space from your home. Build the shelves one on top of another, so that you can take advantage of the height of the walls.

Perk up the workspace

Keep the décor bright and happy, and avoid making it too cosy. Add lights at the right places, but make sure there aren’t too many or too few of them. The right kind of lights helps you to focus better, and to avoid headaches. Also, since you are working at home, you can keep a steady supply of coffee going, especially on days when you have too much on your plate. If you have a room with a view, and if you can manage to design your workspace in a manner that takes advantage of this delicious fact, then more bonus points to you!