Modern Kitchen Furnishing: Stylish Kitchen Designs

We all know that the kitchen is the heart of every home. It is the one place where the whole family spends quality time together over meals. Over time, the kitchen has become a multi-utility area in every household where members not only cook but use it as a dining place or entertainment area.

The present day kitchen is designed with practicality and warmth in mind. It is designed to look like the rest of the house with similar colour schemes with matching cabinets from professional cabinet makers and matching flooring etc. Great kitchen designing lies in its usage and maintenance.

Important elements of a well-designed kitchen 

  • Space Creation – The functionality of a kitchen depends more on the way it is organized rather than its area. Whether big or small, there are ways to space things out and increase efficiency according to usage. 
  • Design – There are quite a few ways of designing a kitchen, whether you prefer artsy, classy, high tech, formal or homely. It should reflect your style preference. Since appliances, countertops and cabinets occupy the most amount of space in a kitchen, you should decide the direction in which you would want to go stylistically. 
  • Kitchen Layout – The layout should be determined by proximity of appliances you’re your refrigerator, microwave, or burner. You also need to keep in mind adequate space required for cooking. 
  • Cabinets – First decide whether you want to refurbish existing cabinets or have new ones made. Here you have the choice of having a single style throughout or a mix and match. With fitted cabinets, the appliances are incorporated into them, whereas unfitted cabinets are more furniture like where there can be a mix and match of textures and colours. You can also customize with varieties of styles to give a more personal touch to your kitchen. 
  • Countertops – This is the area which is prone to the most wear and tear, so you would want to keep in mind its physical characteristics as opposed to just how it appears visually. Maintenance, longevity and water resistance are a few of the elements to be considered when it comes to selecting countertops. 
  • Appliances – When it comes to appliances you would want to consider the size of your refrigerator and the basic essentials that you need like microwave, stove and dishwasher etc. 
  • Flooring – When it comes to selecting the type of flooring, one must keep in mind and make sure that the surface is watertight, not slippery, and comfortable to walk upon, easy to maintain and durable. Today aesthetic and designer kitchen flooring is available that looks both stylish, and classy. Also keep in mind that the flooring style should match with the basic style of the kitchen. It should blend well with the other designs of your kitchen. 
  • Lighting and Finishing Touches – While designing a kitchen always make sure that the lighting is done well, so that the entire kitchen is well lit. A well-lit kitchen makes cooking an easier and more pleasurable experience.

Now, coming to the finishing touches; keep in mind what would complement your kitchen’s design when it comes to selecting wall treatments, seats and decorative pieces. For windows, whether you choose single-paned or multi-paned windows make sure that they are strategically placed to allow a good amount of daylight as this helps you to save on energy.

Examples of modern kitchen design