7 Tips For Allergy-Friendly Gardening Within Landscaping Designs

It is one of Mother Nature’s cruel twists of fate that some of the most beautiful flora and fauna in creation can cause misery for many of us. We are talking about allergies and in particular pollen allergies which makes it extremely difficult for many sufferers to enjoy their garden and that includes those gardens that have been created using a landscaping design.

Thankfully, it is not all bad news as there are many ways in which anyone suffering from pollen allergies can make their landscaping design and activities in their garden less likely to cause them the usual difficulties they suffer from when in an environment with lots of pollen. Some of these tips relate to the landscaping design itself, and others are changes in how the person works in their garden. Here are those seven tips.

Have Someone With No Allergies To Mow Your Lawn: There is nothing wrong with avoiding cutting the grass in your landscaped garden due to your allergies. Hiring garden services to provide professional lawn care is always a readily available option.  Instead, we are sure your friends and family will be willing to take on that task for you occasionally, albeit you might need to bribe them with a beer or some other desirable treat or two.

Work In Your Garden On Windy Days And In The Early Morning: It makes sense that if something harms you, such as pollen, that you limit your exposure to it. As it happens, when it is windy and in the early morning are times when pollen counts are at their lowest, so it follows that these are great opportunities to work in your garden.