Problems with your plumbing in home or business usually start out small. When these problems occur, we tend to cross our fingers and hope that they don’t get any worse. Reality usually hits and the problems do escalate into bigger ones that can have negative impacts on a home or business. We all love our DIY lifestyle, and the more adventurous might try to have a go at fixing plumbing problems, but to be honest, nine time out of ten using a professional is the best option before the situation gets out of hand by becoming a larger issue.

From Small to Large

The cost escalates with the problem. It’s hard to contain a significant plumbing problem. It gets worse until eventually you have a major problem to contend with if left untreated. Will you save money trying to fix a plumbing problem? No – more likely you are going to be forking out three to four times more.

Plumbing Damage

If you have plumbing damage it can affect your belongings and valuables. Water damage shows little mercy to your home possessions. Carpets and hardwood floors can be permanently damaged by water and will usually require total replacement. Leaking or burst pipes don’t do a lot of good to electronics or to your walls. A small leak can turn into a sizeable problem.

Then there are the health risks associated with plumbing issues. A clogged sink or a blocked toilet or a full- blown leak that have caused water damage to your home, if not fixed as soon as possible, pose serious health risks to you and your family. Damage caused by water can also lead to mould and mould can cause a host of problems, particularly respiratory ailments. A blocked toilet presents some very obvious and unpleasant sanitation issues.

Call a Plumber

DIY is not always the solution and even expert DIYers can be stumped by plumbing repair problems. Not all plumbing is complicated, but high-tech plumbing repairs require high-tech equipment and not many DIY practioners will have access to such gear like snakes or video line inspection units.

If you have a business, and particularly if it’s a restaurant, then the most minor plumbing issues can put you in violation of a health code. Your customers are most important and the last thing you need is a bad review about smells or cleanliness. Other businesses that don’t need to follow restaurant standard health rules still need to provide safe and healthy work conditions for their employees.

The point is that when you are confronted by a plumbing issue in your home or business, contact your local plumbing service to attend to the problem before it gets worse. You will be glad that you did.