There is no denying that adding framelessness around your pool area significantly enhances the appearance of your property outdoors. Still, an even more critical factor to consider is how it augments the safety of your pool area. Hopefully, you have ensured that your pool area is safe and that anyone using it, especially children, knows what precautions should be taken.

Whilst personal responsibility is vital to pool safety, other safety features help, so adding pool fencing in the form of frameless glass balustrading is a huge step forward. If you are unsure why that would be the case, especially if you are considering frameless glass balustrading for your pool, here are some reasons from the pool fencing experts at Clear Az Glass Fencing as to why it is regarded as the best option.

It Creates A Secure Barrier Around The Pool

The most apparent reason frameless glass balustrading enhances pool safety is that it prevents children, especially very young children, from accessing the pool without supervision. There are no gaps or edges for them to squeeze through, which excited children who love playing in the pool will invariably try to do. No gaps also mean there is no risk of them injuring themselves trying to get through the gaps and getting stuck, for example.

Frameless Glass Balustrading Is Strong And Secure

Few other pool fencing options are as secure and robust as frameless glass balustrading, although the caveat here is that it only applies if installed professionally. In addition, splashes of water, especially chlorinated water, from the pool should not cause damage, thanks to the resilience of the materials. Also, as glass balustrading is easy to clean and maintain, it should last many years.

You Can See Through It

This might seem like one of those “well duh” given that we all know that glass is transparent, and you can see what is on the other side. However, that is precisely why frameless glass balustrading is one of the safest pool fencing options. Being able to keep an eye on those in the pool, and once again, we are primarily thinking of children here, means that you can check on their well-being and safety at all times and react immediately if you see they are in any difficulty.

It Acts as a Windbreaker To Prevent Debris from Being Blown Into The Pool 

Whilst a little breeze might be welcome on very hot days, the wind can also negatively impact the safety of those using the pool. Winds can stir up dust, twigs, and other debris, which can risk cuts to the feet if any piece of sharp debris blown in and around the pool area is stood on. On a practical note, the less dust blown into your pool area makes it easier to keep clean.

It Keeps Out Pests, Including Those Which Are Dangerous

You will know best which undesirable creatures inhabit your area and the danger they may or may not pose to the safety and well-being of anyone using your pool. Whatever creatures they may be and whatever risk they pose, having frameless glass balustrading means there should be no small gaps where they can enter your pool area.